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Cross-border e-Commerce is the hybridization product of Internet and global business, which is growing rapidly. 35% of consumers currently shop on sites based outside of their home county throughout the world (Frederick, 2015).

Cross-border e-Commerce market value still keeps increasing and showing no signs of slowing down. The drivers of cross-border e-Commerce are mainly from the consumers, due to the globalization and digitalization, the customers and consumer behavior have changed a lot.

There is a high distance on the logistics cost and timeliness between the consumer’s expectation and the real operation. The cost of the logistics has become the most concern for both the business organization and the consumers during cross-border eCommerce (Parry 2015). Besides, most of the consumers expect the delivery time for cross-border product can be within one to two weeks, however, most of the delivery time for cross-border product are beyond the control of the business organization and the logistic provider, due to the long-distance delivery and customs checking.



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Finland and Russia for multichannel commerce Purchases of russian consumers from International ecommerce grew last year more than 55 % compared to year 2014. Cross border commerce sales reached 4.1 mrd. €.

Online sales in Russian grow by 25 – 30 % per year. Year 2014 online shopping was made by 26 milj. consumers.

Domestic finnish market bought goods and services online with 10.5 mrd € year 2014. Growth percent for goods is about 10 % yearly (TNS Gallup).


We offer excellent location for ecommerce logistics centers. The expanding cross-border ecommerce ecosystem needs innovative and logistics solutions. Green field area on the border between European Union and Russian Federation. Railway connection from Far East to Northen Europe.

City of Imatra owns abt. 200 ha land to be developed to serve ecommerce and logistics.

Distances: 220 km to St.Petersburg and 250 km to Helsinki.


Well functioning border crossing point for road and railway transports. Excellent domestic roads, railroad and airport connections.

Multilingual customer support.

Stable and predictable finnish business environment.

Safe, secure and clean environment.